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21 tips for roll up banners Printing plus Lancaster & Morecambe

21 Top tips for making your roll-up banner an effective sales tool

Roll-up banners, when well designed and thought through are an important resource for any exhibition or trade show.  They can also make a big impact in any reception or place of business, allowing you to get a concise, well -targeted sales message across to prospects and existing clients.  Getting the right content and design onto your roll-up banner is so important when it comes to delivering your message.

Writing the correct message on your roll-up banner

1. Take time in thinking through the message you want to make on your banner.

2. When it is a sales message, emphasize benefits and include features if appropriate.

3. Always write your message speaking from your audience’s point of view.

4. Keep it concise and to the point, too many words will look cluttered.

5. Remember that you have only a few seconds to get your audience’s attention.

Great design = great impact

6. Your roll-up banner should have the same attention given to it as any item of your marketing collateral.

7. Just like a newspaper advert, promotional leaflet or business card it is vital that your design effectively gets your message across.

8. When using few words on a piece of marketing the emphasis has to be on planning visual impact.

9. Your banner needs to be seen easily from across any exhibition hall.

10.The design of your banner must tie in with all your promotional collateral, consider the background colour in relation to existing corporate identity.

Logo at the top – make your roll-up banner stand out in a crowd!

11. Remember you are trying to catch people’s attention as they pass by your banner, using high-quality images will reflect the professionalism in your business.

12. Use the top of your banner to promote your company logo.

13. Be sure to use high-resolution images for products and company logos.

Roll-up banners Printing Plus Kendal, Lancaster & Morecambe


Main message

14. It is important to have your main message at eye level, this is most likely to catch people’s attention as they walk past.

15. People read from top to bottom and left to right so think about where you place your content i.e. headlines, sales message and contact details.

16. Are there going to be point of sale items or a counter as in the photo above that will block an area of your banner?

17. Keep the wording of your main message to a minimum.

18. Use large enough sized lettering to give impact but not look cluttered.

19. Choose a typeface that is easy to read and eye-catching.

Review effectiveness of your roll-up banner

20. The great benefit of having a roll-up banner is it portability before you dismantle your exhibition area take a photo of the area.

21. Review how you can improve your sales area, was it placed correctly to benefit from the maximum amount of foot fall?  Was all the marketing collateral consistent in message, design & colour? How many enquiries did it generate?

What do you do in your business to make your banners an effective sales tool?

Please get in touch with us on facebook or twitter and let us know, or call in to see us in Kendal or Lancaster

Here is what one of our customers thought of our roll-up banner:

“Exceeded our expectations on turnaround time.

Banners look great which has been commented on by lots of people”.

Caroline Haley

Bethel Evangelical Church

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