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Printing in Lancaster and Kendal

First impressions count. At Printing Plus Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal we are ready and waiting to help you make sure your business stands out.

Whether you want to check out your ideas for a new marketing campaign, get some advice on design options, or simply order a print run that will turn up on time to exactly the specifications you need, then give us a call. We’re always happy to talk.

Great design and print comes from great conversations.

We have over 30 years’ experience as printers and an eye to the future that means we keep up to date with all the latest technology. We’ll listen to what you want and then help you decide how to achieve it. We’ll work with you to make sure your new print will grab your customers’ attention and impress them with the professional way you do business.  We’ll be there, for each step that you want our support. We can start with your initial ideas and guide your choices or take detailed instruction and head straight to print and delivery of the finished product.

So why not pick up the phone today? You’ll be joining some of Cumbria’s and Lancashire’s best known organisations who trust us to make sure they get exactly the printing that they need, delivered to the high standards they expect.

Printing Plus. Positively Dependable

Team Members


I have been a printer now since I was the tender age of 17, some 26 years, and with Printing Plus since 1994. Just before the birth of the first of my beautiful daughters.

My career in print began in the village print shop in Arnside where I have lived almost all of my life. And after all these years I still love coming to work as every day is different.

My passion outside work, other than my family, is music. My musical ear became apparent when, at the age of 5, I would sit and watch my big sister practicing for her piano grades. To her disgust, when she’d finished, I used to climb up unto the piano stool and copy what she’d been playing.

When I was 10 I joined the newly formed Arnside Junior Brass Band and followed in my Grandad’s footsteps by playing the Flugelhorn then solo Cornet.

I left the band shortly after hitting my teens when I discovered girls and guitars !! I settled on the bass guitar as my weapon of choice and have played in many bands ever since.  Check out facebook : twitter : soundcloud.

Rock on !!


I started my career at the age of 15, working weekends for a soft furnishings company, I progressed within the company quickly and became assistant manager of a store by the age of 20. The experience I gained in the retail industry stood me in good stead when I switched to working in a B 2 B environment with Printing Plus.

We are very lucky to live and work in this area, and whenever time allows, you can find me on Lake Windermere sailing. When I was a child, my parents used to take me on a Narrow Boat on the Canals, so when I started secondary school and my mate needed a crew for his boat, I jumped at the chance and have been sailing ever since.

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I opened our first print business at the tender age of 23 in Barrow-in-Furness. When not at work, one of my many hobbies is blacksmithing. It is great for working off any stress and doing something so physical is a great antidote to sitting at a desk all week.

Working with metal is more forgiving than wood, if you make a mistake you can heat it up and try again!

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I am the newest recruit at Printing Plus, I am a Border Terrier, my favourite place to be is my bed and when I am not asleep in my bed I love greeting our customers. When I am not at work you can find me in the garden playing with a tennis ball or enjoying a nice walk.

James takes me on trips to meet our clients, which I love! If you would like to meet me please just call or email us.


I work in prepress and design. I have a keen interest in design, having touched upon it in both previous work and during my education.


In my free time, I can be found frequenting the local darts leagues and competitions in Morecambe and the surrounding area. I’ve been playing for around 10 years and it has allowed me to travel around the country a bit and have some truly fantastic experiences along the way. My other interests include movies, video games, motorsport and football; my team of choice being Manchester United, although their performances haven’t been satisfying me much as of late!

Chris Pitt

My name is Chris Pitt and I work for printing plus as a delivery driver. I’ve had various jobs including working for Lancashire police.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my family, watercolour painting and gardening .

Polly Church-Morrell

My name is Polly and I work at Printing Plus as their administrator (which I love by the way).  When not at work, I am a wife to Stan, mum to 3, now grown up, children and Nana Polly to 2 grandsons.  I read a lot, garden when the weather allows and give my husband lots of lists of jobs that need doing.


Chris Harding

I work in digital print and finishing alongside Sam and Col.  I’ve been interested in digital graphic design for a long time and have previously worked in the sign industry before joining the Printing Plus team.

When not at work you’ll find me spending time with family or friends or geeking out to some form of tech. (I do love a gadget.)

I love movies and TV too and I’m a proud Man City fan which always makes for some friendly banter between myself and Sam.

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