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    Print Finishes

    How to make your print marketing stand out from the crowd

    Your print marketing has to stand out

    You need to differentiate yourself from the competition and show yourself to be the best option. If your print marketing is only “just good enough” then you are more likely to be relying on price competition to win business. That’s not healthy.

    You may already be deploying print marketing, the advantages are there for everyone to see. Research detailed by Pica9 tells us that print requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, meaning it’s easier to understand and more memorable for your customers.

    This will make you stand out from the many competitors who are only ever seen in the over-crowded digital marketplace. But you can make your print marketing even more effective – and in two ways:

    • Special “finishes” will add perceived value to your products and services and these can help to promote more expensive products and services
    • Printed materials with special “finishes” are more engaging. Research shows that your customers and prospects will appreciate the piece more and hold it for longer – meanwhile they are absorbing your message.
    Handling leaflets for print marketing
    Consumers are 70% more likely to recall information from print versus digital marketing materials

    What ARE these special finishes and how will they help?

    Here are five ways to give your marketing the edge. Use any, or a combination, of these and you will increase perceived product value and increase engagement.


    Print marketing laminated leaflets

    Lamination is an overall finish that is added to a printed piece. Itis a good way to add weight to an item. But it also enhances the “feel”. Many people love touching matt laminate or soft-touch laminate.

    Die Cutting

    Brightsparks business card front
    Die cutting

    Print doesn’t have to be square! You can make your printed piece any shape you like, from rounded corners to the outline of one of your products


    Foil comes in a huge variest of colours. The reflections from foil can transform an ordinary piece of print into something extremely eye-catching. Some foils are also stamped onto the print, so they create a more varied surface for people to explore

    Foil printing Print Plus Lancaster
    Foil printing

    Interesting papers

    There is a huge range of papers available today. You can choose virtually any colour you want – even neon colours. But you can also choose papers with a huge variety of thicknesses and textures.

    Spot gloss

    This is a very effective way to draw someone’s eye to certain areas of a marketing piece. You might wish to highlight specific areas or your logo

    Spot gloss image
    Spot gloss

    Isn’t finishing your print like this expensive?

    This is certainly true if you are producing millions of marketing items. But the average small to medium size business only requires a limited number of marketing pieces. Traditional high set-up charges have disappeared. It is now possible to produce all these finishes in small numbers at a surprisingly economical price.

    Don’t settle for good enough

    Invest a little more in your print marketing. You will be surprised in the difference that this can make in the response to what you send out.

    Email Alan at [email protected] and he will send you a sample pack of our effective finishes. You can see for yourself how they transform a printed item.

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