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    8 Ways to Make Your Business Card a Keeper

    Businesses cards are, more often than not, the first piece of marketing material that we hand out. So how do we make that first piece of promotional print really count?

    Here are 8 ways to turn your business card into a really effective marketing tool:

    1. Give your business card a high-quality feel.

    Before people even look at your card they will judge you, and it, simply by the way it feels in their hand. Think about what weight it should be or consider a laminated finish, which enhances the ink colours and gives your business card a more professional look while also adding to the weight of it.

    2. Business cards can be multi-functional.

    As well as including all your contact details how about making your card a conversation piece?  For example add the name of a cause you support, it could be a good talking point.

    3. Put a face to a name.

    Include a photograph of yourself on your card to help the person you’ve just met remember you at a later date. It will add a familiar feel to your company.

    4. Spend time creating an eye-catching design for your business card.

    Think about using colours that reflect your brand, use the correct size of your logo to make it stand out, and avoid filling the space with too much text.

    photo of business cards

    Make the shape, colour and weight of your business cards memorable

    5. Make the shape of your card memorable.

    Try using rounded corners, or a cut out shape – they are a great way to inspire curiosity and spark interest.

    Brightsparks business card front

    Jackie of Brightspark marketing had just moved into the area when she set up her business and had no existing contacts.  She decided to put extra time into making her business cards as memorable as possible. You can see that there is a special cut out at the top right-hand corner around the graphic.  She then had the cards finished with a matt laminate to add weight and texture.  In Jackie’s words “It has been well worth putting the extra time and money into my cards, they have worked well for me over a long period of time.”


    6. Carry your business cards with you at all times.

    You never know who you might meet, inside or outside of work, and that chance meeting could lead to an important business opportunity.


    7. Folded business cards double the amount of space.

    Use both sides of your card to put across your message and share your details. They can also stand out from the norm, which helps to make you and your business more memorable.

    8. Go for a high gloss print coating.

    A UV varnish, costing very little more, adds texture and shine and enhances the colours on your cards. UV coatings also make small details stand out and can be particularly effective when applied to photographic images and company logos.

    Look at other business card designs to get some ideas of what would work best for your business

    Your business cards are one of the most frequently used pieces of marketing materials.

    Make sure they work hard to create a great first impression and that your card is always the one that is carefully filed and referred to at a later date.

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