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How to Make Money from Spare Office Space – Coworking.


The last few years have created the perfect storm for a new breed of freelance & mobile worker looking for ad hoc desk space in a commercial setting.

Since 2008 the rise in unemployment has seen a drop in demand for office space, particularly older secondary and tertiary offices in and around city centres. For many landlords this has been a disaster. As the economy improves demand for prime space has increased, however other cultural shifts in workplace dynamics have distorted the picture.

The amount of equipment needed in a typical office is falling. Large servers have moved to the cloud, laptops have replaced desktops and air conditioning systems have been refined. The space required per person in an office in 2010 was about 225 sqft; this is expected to fall to around 150 sqft by 2017 according to research in the States.The changes have had an impact on the amount of obsolete office space.

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Outside the workplace figures show that there has been a steady increase in the number of start-up businesses and freelancers since the recession. In fact by 2020 some experts predict that freelancers will make up 50% of the workforce. Furthermore, as people and companies become less opposed to flexible working conditions, employees are more likely to work from a variety of locations.

However not all freelancers & mobile workers want the distractions that come from working from home, or to nurse the same cup of coffee for several hours working from a table in the nearest Costa franchise. That is where coworking comes in. Coworkers are a breed of freelancer who enjoy working in a collaborative environment where they can share knowledge and resources whilst having access to desk space in professional and comfortable work surroundings. This could be a spare desk in an office or a purpose built coworkingfacility in an old office.

For property owners a coworking facility can be a quick answer to obsolete space and easy to set up. If you have a spare desk or two in your business, or a room which could house several desks,you are almost there. The types of accessory that are high on the list of demands for the coworker are not too onerous either. For most coworkers good coffee, Wi-Fi connections, a desk, access to private meeting space and local amenities are usually all they need. What’s more they are willing to pay. Typical arrangements include daily, weekly and monthly rates for desks.

Have a look around your office. Have you got space emerging that could be earning you some cash? The coworking community might just be ready for you.For more information on coworking visit

Article supplied by Daniel Knowles, B2B Blogger for Printing Plus

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