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    Display stands blog banner

    Supersize your marketing with great display stands

    Effective display stands gets your message across, no matter where you are and will give your marketing a positive boost. Whether you are at an exhibition and looking for an eye-catching and informative stand or delivering a training session, having portable marketing tools is a must.

    There are many ways to supersize your marketing material, and it is important to check off the following points before deciding on the right product:

    1. Will you need a banner or stand to achieve the perfect angle so that people can easily read your message as they pass?
    2. What overall shape is the space that you want to fill? If it is narrow but has height think about a roller banner.
    3. Do you move around and want an item that is easily portable?
    4. For how long do you want to display your message? If it is going to be in place for a long time, consider having a finish that makes it longer-lasting.
    5. If cost is an issue, choose an item that is affordable to you now but has the flexibility for changes that will make it usable time and time again.
    6. Read our 21 top tips for making your roll-up banner an effective sales tool. Many of these tips can be used on any of the products listed below.

    Now that you have decided on the product size and placement that will work for you, read through our list and choose the best one for your task

    Printing Plus roller banner

    Roller banners: high impact, low cost…

    If you need to get your message across loud and clear, then our roller banners will be a crucial part of your marketing collateral.

    Up to one metre wide with changeable graphics they are a striking and cost-effective way of enhancing brand image and creating instant impact.

    Lightweight & portable, they can be used time and time again no matter where you need to be.

    Perfect for: High visual impact, a brand image boost, providing excellent value for money.

    Desktop roller banners: Roll up! Roll up…Printing roller banner

    Do you want a fun way of attracting your customers’ attention?

    Our desktop roller banners come in A3 or A4 size and are the perfect way of creating visual impact if you’re tight on space.

    More innovative than leaflets and infinitely more stylish than a hand-written sign, they are ideal for placing on a reception desk where they’ll be sure to get noticed.

    Perfect for: Saving space, being attractive, innovative and fun!

    Printing exhibition display

    Pop-up exhibition stands: stand out from the crowd…

    Our imposing pop-up displays are perfect for exhibitions, conferences or photo shoots – or anywhere you wish to maximize your brand exposure.

    They are available in three sizes (3×2, 3×3 and 3x4m, curved or straight) and create a striking, stylish backdrop that will emphasize your professional credibility, accelerate sales and broaden your marketing reach.

    Perfect for: Ease of transportation, providing a way to interchange graphic panels, guaranteeing longevity

    PVC vinyl bannerssupersize that…

    If you really want to get your message out there, our PVC vinyl banners are the perfect solution. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, all hemmed and eyeleted, and up to five metres wide!

    Ideal for trade shows or for advertising a special event or offer they are a powerful means of promotion that nobody is going to miss.

    Perfect for: Being a waterproof and hard-wearing solution, delivering an unmissable message

    Printing display boards

    Display boards: a versatile solution…

    Our display boards, available in AO, A1 or A2 size, offer a versatile solution for schools, libraries, museums, boardrooms or indeed anyone wishing to make a display that exudes authority, style and professionalism.

    With our high-quality, high-resolution printing, they can provide the slick and stylish foundation to make any presentation sparkle.

    Perfect for: Acting as a key promotional tool, a platform for high-resolution graphics, enhancing professional credibility

    Printing Lancaster posters

    Posters: create a powerful promotional tool…

    A successful poster campaign depends on what you say and where you say it.  Let our design team take your message and transform it into a high-impact, powerful promotional tool.

    We create outstanding, full-colour posters in any size from one metre wide and fifty metres long! They can be made for indoor and outdoor use so your brand, special offer or event will always reach the target audience, no matter where they are.

    Perfect for: AO, A1, A2 or customised sizes, offering versatility, a fast turnaround

    From the wide range of display materials above, there will be an opportunity for you to super-size your message.  Choosing the right product for the size and context you want to fill will ensure that your message will be seen from every angle.

    Alan has a wealth of experience helping clients choose, design and layout areas that need attention.  Call him for a chat or email him at [email protected] if you would like more information.

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