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    8 Reasons to Invest in High Quality Design

    MemoryDesign plays a key role in influencing perceptions of your business and it is viewed by customers and prospects as a measure of quality and value. At Printing Plus in Lancaster, we believe if you would like to attract prospects, retain customers and open up new marketing opportunities, it should be at the centre of your strategy. Here are eight reasons why good design works:

    1. You only have 50 milliseconds to capture attention

    Design has a few milliseconds

    Good use of colour, fonts, images and brand assets such as logos will give you an advantage in this moment of opportunity. Blink and they’ll miss you.

    2. First impressions count

    First impressions count

    First impressions do count. Studies show that if a customer’s initial opinion of your print advert is positive their goodwill naturally carries through to other aspects of your business.

    3. Good design is memorable


    A good design also makes a lasting impression, and that can be a real asset in the battle to stand out from your competitors.

    4. Trust is built on appearances


    Quality elicits an emotional response from customers and prospects, helping to establish their trust in your business.

    5. Clever design works well across all media

    Media Signpost

    You need to be as eye-catching on social media as you are on your website, and your stationery needs to be as appealing as your advertising. We rely on great quality printing in Lancaster, and well designed online branded content to increase our reach further afield.

    6. It can increase your sales

    Increase Sales with Design

    Brands like Apple and Nike know how to use the power of design to boost sales and companies of every size can follow their lead by policing their brand and being consistent.

    7. A careful balance of text and images will communicate your message effectively

    Text and Image Balance

    It is important to communicate your message quickly and effectively. Only a well-balanced design will make this possible. Printing just an image, or just text will not do your brand justice.

    8. Staff feel proud to be part of your business

    Proud Staff

    It’s easy to look at the effect design has on people outside of your business and forget those inside. Good design and strong branding helps staff feel proud and boosts loyalty. We pride ourselves on the fact our Lancaster and Kendal staff are proud to be a part of our business, and good design helps us achieve that.

    Let us know what works well in your business sector or where you might put good design to use in improving your chances of business success. Start a conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter. Or come visit us in Kendal or Lancaster to discuss how to make our range of printing and design options work for you.

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