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Keep fit blog

Too Busy to Work Out? Keep Fit in the Office

I have read many articles and studies on the benefits of exercise. Not surprising, I guess, given my background as a Gym Owner and Personal Trainer! However, on a personal note I have experienced the massive benefits of exercising during the “lunch period”.

I previously worked in a very stressful environment but was lucky enough to have access to great gym facilities. When I used the gym at lunch time I noticed that during the afternoon my energy levels were increased, alertness and productivity were improved and I just felt overall less stressed! The “normal” post lunch slump with corresponding lethargy, lack of focus and poor work output, were eradicated.

The flip side to this was when I would just “veg out” and have a power nap at lunch time. I would then spend the next hour feeling run down and not wanting to do anything productive!

Now, I know you don’t all have access to an onsite gym, unless you are near us on White Cross Business Park, Lancaster, of course. So here are a few ways you can improve your productivity, alertness and reduce stress levels at the same time, even if you aren’t in the Lancaster area.

Keep fit, improve your productivity and reduce your stress

1. Move more – get up from your desk at least once every 45 minutes and have a little stretch. Whether you work in IT, printing, or even finance, it doesn’t matter, just remember to stretch. I use an app called Pomodoro but you can just put a reminder on your phone, PC etc. When you get up it reduces the pressure on your lower back and helps with keeping those posture muscles in shape. Being sat down means your legs especially are cramped up, shoulders get hunched and your low back gets stiff.

2. Use the stairs – you will have heard about this before but it seriously makes a difference. To make it more interesting why not try to do 5 calf raises on every other step or miss out a step. When this gets easy do 10 calf raises and/or miss out 2 steps!

3. Desk exercising – there are hundreds of exercises you can do at your desk and in the office.

a)     Press Ups against the desk or wall.

Press ups on the wall


b)     Leg Extensions sat down.

Leg Extensions


c)     Lateral Raises with a water bottle.

Raises with a water bottle


d)     Squats to your chair – or even better stop just above it!



e)     Shoulder shrugs and releases etc.

Shoulder Shrugs


4. Drink plenty of water – not only does it keep you hydrated but you will also feel much more alert and fresher because your metabolism and digestion will improve as a result. You will also need to visit the toilet more often (at least until your body gets accustomed to the extra fluid!) which gives you a chance to get up and do some exercise on route!!

5. Get a stress ball or some hand grips – not only do they work your arm muscles but you can take out any pent up office anger or frustration on them (you know the type- when you forget to attach an attachment to an important email!!) Throw in some arm and wrist stretches as well to stave off repetitive strain.

If you would like any further information or to claim a free week at Train Together please contact us today, using our email below or visiting us in Lancaster!


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