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Paper weight explained

Paper weight in most parts of the world – (apart from the few countries that will use US paper sizes) – is calculated by grams per square metre.  For example, a single sheet, measuring 1 square meter weighing 80 grams, will be categorised as 80gsm.

(Note: gsm is commonly used rather than g/m2.  This came about because early computer packages were unable to display superscripted characters.)

It is, of course, unlikely that you would have such a thing as one sheet of paper, one meter square, but paper sizes are a fraction of a meter square (AO), and you can therefore work out the real weight of a piece of paper.  This is useful if you are checking postal weights or other delivery costs. Microns measure the thickness of paper and card, i.e. 1000th of a millimetre.  So if you had a pile of 100 sheets of 500 microns cards it would be 50mm (5cm high). A dense material may not be very thick for its weight but a small pile of it will be quite heavy compared with a less dense material.  The paper described below is denser than normal 70gsm at 102 microns, the same as an 80gsm sheet.

A paper that is environmentally friendly

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly paper that is bright white and has less impact on the environment than recycled or carbon neutral papers, then Target Professional which we, at Printing Plus stock, could be the paper you are looking for. Target Professional A4 70gsm is made to 102 micron thickness means you get a paper that prints and feels like a heavier weight but offers the environmental benefits of a 70gsm.

28% less energy

23% less wood

20% less water

13% less waste

Target Professional is perfect for

Data Sheet Image

Data Sheets


Training manual image

Training manual pages



Low cost leaflets


Benefits of Target Professional

  • This paper still delivers the highest possible quality
  • Has excellent whiteness and will make the contrast of your documents even better
  • Is smooth to touch, has a good bulk and offers good print definition
  • Prints like a heavier paper, when printed double sided with text and graphics less likely to show through
  • Feels and performs like a heavier paper but with the environmental advantags

We are always looking for products that are as environmentally friendly and up to date as possible.  Sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.

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