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What is a PDF file?

PDF stands for ‘Portable Document Format’. It is a file format that can be opened independently of the original software used to generate the file. There are hundreds of different software programs and versions which can create publications and documents. At Printing Plus in Lancaster and Kendal we use the most common programs e.g. Adobe Creative Suite, Quark XPress, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Office Word.

Why is it important to use a PDF file?

When you send us a file to print we have to make sure that it reproduces exactly the way you intended. These are some of the things that need to be right:


1. Typeface (i.e. font)

pdf blog from Printing Plus Lancaster

There are 1,000s of typefaces to choose from

2. Page layout

pdf blog from PP Lancaster

Can we see your page layout as you want it printed?

3. Page breaks in correct places

Operation Manual at Printing Plus Lancaster

To print your file correctly the page breaks have to be in the right place

4. Images and logos

AWOL logo used on pdf blog for  Lancaster

Using a pdf file will ensure high quality reproduction of your logo

5. Document size is as you intended

pdf blog for Printing Plus Lancaster

It is important that we see the correct page size

6. Background colour

reverse of Printing Plus Lancaster & Kendal letterheads

Printing the colours you want to see requires the settings to be part of your file

Why do we ask you to create a pdf?

We will ask you to make a PDF file, so that all of the above are correct and in place when the ink goes on the paper. The advantages of sending us a PDF file, either via email or, our website are:

1. We can open your file regardless of the original software you set it up in
2. It is a ‘read only’ document that cannot be inadvertently altered
3. It enables you to password protect your file, making it more secure if you need the extra security
4. The PDF looks just like your original and preserves all the source file information for, logos, colour, layout, typefaces & links
5. There are various free applications for creating a PDF . A good one is
6. PDFs are read and printed in Adobe Reader available at
7. The use of PDF files has been broadly adopted and PDFs use common international standards.

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