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    Calendars – an effective marketing tool

    Stay in front of your customers 365 days a year

    Even though technology is drastically changing the way we use personal calendars, the beauty of having an ‘old-school’ calendar that you can hold is that it can be personalised in a way that makes it an effective marketing tool.

    As a marketing piece a ‘physical’ calendar can often get overlooked in today’s sea of technology. Smartphones and other devices are able to track your important work meetings, appointments, birthdays, travelling and wedding anniversaries with ease. You’ll know what day it is and what’s happening by simply taking your phone out of your pocket and looking at it.


    Personalised calendars

    For marketers, calendars are a great way to connect with your customers. The goal with any type of marketing is to get something to ‘stick’ with your target audience. A calendar is an effective vehicle to get a series of marketing messages across. It can be tuned to your own customer base and it will be in front of them every day.

     Tips for using calendars effectively

    1. Include direct calls to action by providing seasonal information with possibly special offers, phone numbers, specific website URLs.
    2. Direct people to your social media channels.
    3. Include dates for your next newsletters or magazine.
    4. Remind people of any forthcoming events.
    5. Include any topical information, hints or tips that are seasonal or month related.
    6. Ask yourself, what do you want your customers to be thinking of, on a monthly basis
    7. Direct people to other marketing materials e.g.. information sheets, leaflets or guides.
    8. Personalise the ‘look and feel’ of your calendar to reflect your business by using topical or local visuals.

    The beauty of a calendar is that you can adjust the content to best communicate with your existing or potential customers. And, you have 12 different months allowing for a lot of potential sales messages that are easily accessible and looked at on a regular basis.

    A calendars that work is a powerful (and very economical) marketing tool that will remain in front of your customers on a daily basis for a whole year!

    Talk to us about combing unforgettable images and design with your sales message, stay ahead 365 days a year.  We can advise, design and print your calendars to order.

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