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    Charity testimonial for Printing Plus Lancaster & Kendal


    Fundraising has never been more important for the charity and not-for-profit sector. The internet has a big role to play, but traditional printed materials are still vital.

    We know that you’re bound to need to reach out to people for a range of different reasons. Maybe you want to create awareness of the services you offer among people who could benefit. Perhaps you need to drum up extra volunteer support. Maybe you want to promote your membership and increase annual donations. Or perhaps you’ve got a fundraising event coming up and you want a great turn out.

    All of these things are easier if there’s someone you can turn to for help with creating your print. At Printing Plus Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal we can help you choose the most cost effective solution.

    We can design things from scratch, or help a volunteer get their work ‘print ready’. We can help with layouts for the ever present forms – often a stumbling block which turn away potential supporters or service users. And if you’ve already got design covered, then we can make sure you get your print at a competitive price, delivered on the day you need it with the minimum of hassle – whether it’s a simple promotional leaflet or a complex handbook or directory.

    Our personalisation services are also useful to charities – for example we could take on the production of your annual run of membership cards. And if you don’t have a fundraising/marketing expert in house, you might like to talk to us about helping you put together a direct mail campaign for your next event.

    We love to talk, so why not give us a call and see if we can work with you?